Health Care Liability / Medical Malpractice

Our firm has a statewide reputation of excellence in handling health care liability cases.  We have represented a wide variety of health care professionals, hospitals, and other medical facilities in health care liability cases across the state.  The attorneys at our firm have been involved in several of the most well-recognized health care liability cases in Tennessee over the last 25 years, including numerous cases before the Tennessee Court of Appeals and Tennessee Supreme Court which have helped shape the body of Tennessee law in this area.


Professional Negligence

In addition to handling health care liability cases, our attorneys have also developed expertise in handling other types of professional negligence cases, including claims filed against attorneys or law firms.  Our firm has successfully handled numerous claims filed against lawyers and law firms and has become a trusted attorney for attorneys in need of representation.


Product Liability

Our attorneys have handled numerous product liability claims over the last 25 years, including claims regarding medical devices, medication, automobiles, and consumer products.  The firm’s experience includes a recent high-profile case involving a consumer product sold via the internet.


Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys have a wide variety of experience in commercial litigation, including contract, employment and restrictive covenant, and corporate ownership disputes.  Commercial litigation has the capability of inflicting serious harm to the overall business interests of companies and individuals, so these disputes, in particular, require a careful analysis of the risks, benefits, cost-effectiveness, and desired outcome of the dispute at hand.


Mediation Services

Steve Anderson, a certified mediator in Tennessee, has served as a mediator in a wide variety of cases over the last several years, including all the areas of expertise of this firm and more.  Mr. Anderson is available to lend his experience and direct communication approach to all parties in an effort to bring an end to any type of civil dispute.  If you are interested in contacting Mr. Anderson for his mediation services, please click the button below.